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Viikate Missä Molli Moljahtaa Kiertue, Hämeenlinna, Suisto Klubi, 5.5.2016

The first time I heard Viikate was pretty much in the time of release of their 1st LP titled “Noutajan Valssi” back in 2000 and I have to admit that I wasn’t that impressed straight away. I was in the middle of my “metal” phase, but it didn’t actually take that long to the time when I got hooked. I still remember hearing “Ei ole ketään kelle soittaa” on the radio and I sold in that very minute. Kaajärven rannat still being one of my very favorite albums to date!

Then came 2003 and Ämyrock where I saw them the first time (Got my Iltatähden Rusko double 7″ signed there as well through our mutual friend, that was so cool!), which was pretty cool to see them on a small free festival. Next year they played a show in local bar and I still remember that show as well! Solid ass kicking shows! But the best of them all was the one where they played in our garage! Man, that was some pretty exclusive shit! More on that at the end of this post!

And now it was time to see Viikate first time in our local Suisto Klubi, which was a pretty odd place for them to play as they are rather big band nowadays and suisto is a rather small club. I, myself enjoy seeing bands in there since it is so intimate and cozy place and almost all of the shows i’ve seen there have been with excellent sound quality and lighting. And this time was no exception to that!  The show itself was just awesome! The band was tight! Setlist was great, ranging songs from almost all albums, Kaarle had superior speaks in between songs! All in all, it was just perfect show! So You, my friend have no excuses on not going and seeing them this summer on their “Mollikesä2016” Tour!

So here’s a few shots from there. More will come on a later date after I manage to get my data back. Had a terrible data loss from hard drive fail just the other day… Hope everything can be restored as backups were only partial. Shit!

Setlist of the evening was:

  1. Haaskalinnut saalistaa (Intro)
  2. Elämä on katiska
  3. Pelastus
  4. Ei enkeleitä
  5. Ei ole ketään kelle soittaa
  6. Mantelinmakuinen
  7. Allikko
  8. Kovaa teetä
  9. Tervaskanto
  10. Oi pimeys
  11. Olen sees
  12. Tanssi
  13. Musta, metalli & taivas
  14. Uurastaja
  15. Viina, terva & hauta
  16. Maria Magdalena (Mana Mana cover)
  17. Yökunnaat
  18. Pohjoista viljaa
  19. Kuu kaakon yllä

So there was it, our little adventure in the world of the Mighty V continued to the late hours of the night, but those stories will go untold forever….

As I mentioned before They once played in our garage, here’s a few shots from that night! Thanks again Radio Rock for making it happen!

Let there be molli!

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