W.A.S.P. Live at Pakkahuone, Tampere 11.10.2015

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Now it’s the following morning from the show as I am writing this and there was merely a period of 7 hours full of sleep between this and the show. There’s always that hyper active state on where you are after a kick ass show, so no need for a good sleep! HA!

If the young me would knew that some day i’d be there to shoot W.A.S.P. that kid back the would have gone nuts!

The debut album of W.A.S.P. was my first ever own vinyl, the one that started it all! Still remember just sitting there and watching those covers. They looked so fuckin’ cool! And, Man! those videos! Goddamn! They were the “shit” really, this young kid watching them alone all over and over again. These experiences really made an impact. For awhile at least, since after that came other bands, new records and so on…. And W.A.S.P. was just like the other bands. Until…

We’ll skip into year, 1994 or 1995 and The Crimson Idol came into my attention. And as in that moment it really doesn’t make an impact yet, but somehow manages to creep inside my mind and time after time I start to go back to the album. And it grows, slithers into my subconsciousness and it really wasn’t until about ten years from this that the album really hit me.

The concept of the album have always been very close to me in away that there are similar reactions and relationships in my kin and I’ve pretty much always been my own kind from them. So, when the album “opened up” it really made a deep impact. It was more than easy to relate to the story from that day on.

11.10.2015 marked as the first time I’ve ever seen them live. And I really enjoyed what I heard and saw. The setlist was pretty much in balance in away that there wasn’t too much new stuff, too much hits etc. but equally balanced from all eras. I’ve read other reviews dissent’ the shows played here, but I enjoyed it so much! The visuals of the show were stunning! The LCD panels showed so fitting content that it was impossible to even try to bypass them and just focus onto the music itself. The most influenced and impressive ones were the ones that came during “The Crimson Idol” songs which led me to lash out to myself on how I could have missed “The Crimson Idol 20 year tour” back in the day, oh stupid me!

Shooting this was fun. Both 6D and 60D worked like a charm. The lights were good and as the lcd panels brought even more light at the stage it allowed me to use varied settings! Normal 3 songs in the pit and then from the audience, which was pretty ok as there was decent space to move around and not too much too drunk people shouting their beers onto the cameras.


The setlist of the evening:

01. On Your Knews
02. Inside The Electric Circus
03. The Real Me
04. L.O.V.E. Machine
05. Last Runaway
06. Crazy
07. Arena Of Pleasure
08. Miss You
09. Hellion / I Don’t Need No Doctor
10. Golgotha
11. Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The Rue Morgue)
12. Wild Child
13. I Wanna Be Somebody

Take care!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju