Wasted Live at Tavastia, Helsinki 11.8.2015

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What up fukkers? We’ve got some pretty cool pics coming….

Wasted was opening the night for Against Me! last month and Yours truly shot their show as well. Or should I say it was all happening for me because of them. I was able to attend to the show in all ‘cuz of the fine lads in the band, so deep bow for them to let me come there with my cameras and all! Thanks!

This band has been in my “check this shit out” -list for a while now. I know their history and what they have done in their own career and so on, but once again by the reason of my own inability the band is still in that list. I’ve seen them live now at least three times, and even shot them twice. All of the shows I’ve seen have been great! and I must really recommend them to anyone who likes that punk rock music! Go see them! And be way more active than me!

Anyhow, this was such a cool evening in all, and so was this. All tho the lighting wasn’t the best as there was little to none front of the stage lights so that made it a bit shitty, but we can live with that now, can we..

Without further due, here’s the pics ladies and gent’s!

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All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju

This post was created under the influence of “Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion II” which in fact turns 24 today. Shit! It’s been a wicked ride from that day on!