Wolfheart live Tavastia, Helsinki, 25.4.2015

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Wolfheart live Tavastia, Helsinki, 25.4.2015

The Man Eating Tree opened the evening on this event and next in line was Wolfheart. The change on the stage goes pretty fast and no time was being wasted as it was a 3 band event. Everything goes nice and smooth, or at least it seem so and Wolheart start their set right on time. If I remember correctly it was around 20.30

As I get between the stage and the crowd it’s nice to see that there’s already much more people there in the crowd than during The Man Eating Tree’s set!

The space between the stage and the crowd is really small this time so I keep myself on the right side of the stage and don’t really move around, as there really ain’t no space for moving around.

The first 3 tracks go and it’s time to move out from the space between the stage and the crowd. It’s always a pleasure to shoot in Tavastia, even from the crowd cause the balcony and the stairs offer some quite good spots for shooting pics, so this means some moving around. The lights are good and people give me some space to move around and the all around vibe is cool. The crowd is enjoying what they see and hear and after the show I hear the band getting lot’s of compliments of playing a killer set. After the set I’ll find myself some space and look at the images straight away and I’m pretty stoked about them. They look great!

This was, once again, completely new band for me, though I’ve read some articles about them and heard mostly compliments about their music. Must say that the deliverance and energy of the show were spot on!

Setlist of the show:

1. Strength and Valor
2. Chasm
3. New Song 1
4. New Song 2
5. I
6. The Hunt
7. Ghost of Karelia
8. Routa pt.2

Here’s the pics! Enjoy!